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Civil Engineering Wonders

Extreme Engineering : Tokyo’s Sky City

Sky City Is one of the most amazing projects civil engineers have ever imagined.It will not only change the way people use to live but will also start add a new horizon in the limitations of human thinking.

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Extreme Engineering : City In A Pyramid

Following five videos are showing the Extreme Engineering : City In A Pyramid

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Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

Below are the seven wonders of the ancient world.

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The New Seven Wonders of The World

Below are the seven wonders of the new world.

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Seven Wonders of the Modern World : A Virtual Satellite Tour

Below are the seven wonders of the modern world.

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Roman Aqueducts

Good architects and engineers combine the needs of human beings with qualities of intellect and imagination, as well as technical expertise to create functional structures that also are works of art. For example, ancient Roman aqueducts provided the function of transporting water in the form of simple, yet elegant, layered arches.

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Great Wall of China

One of the most famous structures in the world can be found to the northwest and north of Beijing, China. Said to be visible from the moon, the Great Wall is the longest fortified line ever built. It zigzags to the east and west along the mountains, stretching more than 1,500 miles.

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The Top 14 Skylines in the World

1. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is number one on my list for many reasons: Hong Kong has whopping 39 buildings over 200 meters tall. It also boasts four of the 15 tallest buildings in the world… that’s all in one city! Hong Kong’s skyline shows a large selection of distinct sky-reaching towers, with beautiful night lighting and reflection. This city exemplifies the post-modern skyscraper and skyline. Finally, the mountain backdrop makes this skyline (as you can clearly see) the greatest on the planet!
Metro/Urban Population: 6.8 million

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Hoover Dam

One of the seven wonders of the Modern engineering wonders this dam stands as the world renowned structure. It took less than 5 years for its completion in the worst environmental conditions faced by Civil Engineers.The dam Dimensions are given below

Dam Dimensions

. Height – 726.4.feet
. Length at Crest – 1,244 feet
. Width at Top – 45 feet
. Width at Base – 660 feet
. Weight – 6.6 million tons Reservoir Statistics

. Capacity – 28,537,000 acre-feet
. Length – 110 miles
. Shoreline – 550 miles
. Max Depth – 500 feet
. Surface Area – 157,000 acres
Materials Used in Project

. Concrete – 4.440,000 cubic yards
. Explosives – 6,500,000 pounds
. Plate Steel and Outlet Pipes – 88,000,000 pounds
. Pipe and Fittings – 6,700,00 pounds (840 miles)
. Reinforcement Steel – 45,000,000 pounds Concrete Mix Proportions

. Cement – 1.00 part
. Sand – 2.45 parts
. Fine Gravel – 1.75 parts
. Intermediate Gravel – 1.46 parts
. Coarse Gravel – 1.66 parts
. Cobbles (3 to 9 inch) – 2.18 parts
. Water – 0.54 parts

Strange Buildings

1) Dancing House

Here’s a building that should really get your attention when walking pass it. The Dancing House is considered as one of the more real controversial buildings in Prague. The Dancing House was actually designed by a great architect from California, which only proves that he had done some type of hallucinogen while designing it.

Dancing House

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