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Load And Resistance Factor Design For Building Column

Plastic analysis of prismatic compression members in buildings is permitted if (Fy)½(l/r) does not exceed 800 and Fuless than equal to 65 ksi (448 MPa). For axially loaded members with b/t less than equal to (lambda)r , the maximum load P u , ksi (MPa= 6.894 X ksi), may be computed from

Pu = 0.85AgFcr

Where Ag=gross cross-sectional area of the member
F cr =0.658 lambda Fy for lambda <= 2.25

=0.877 Fy/lambda for lambda  > 2.25

lambda =(Kl/r)2(Fy/286,220)

The AISC specification for LRFD presents formulas for designing members with slender elements.

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