Fly Ash Determination In The Supplied Portland Pozzolana Cement

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Er. Kaushal Kishore ,
Materials Engineer, Roorkee

There is no direct method for the determination of Fly Ash content in the PPC. However, based on the past test results of insoluble Residue in the PPC, Fly Ash content in the supplied PPC may be obtained.


1. Hydrochloric acid – Sp gt 1.16 (conforming to IS : 265-1976)
2. Dilute Hydrochloric acid with distilled water 1:99 (by volume)
3. 2N Sodium Carbonate Solution.

The sample of the PPC shall be moisture free and taken as per requirements of IS : 3535-1966. The representative sample of the cement selected as above shall be thoroughly mixed before using.

Take one gram of the above PPC sample add 25 ml of cold water and while the mixture is stirred vigorously add 5 ml of hydrochloric acid, if necessary, head the solution and grind the material with flattened end of a glass rod until it is evident that the decomposition of the cement is complete. Dilute the solution to 50 ml and digest for 15 minutes at a temperature just below boiling. Filter and wash the residue thoroughly with hot water. The filter paper with the residue shall be proceeded for further test.


Digest the filter paper containing the residue in 30 ml of hot water and 30 ml of 2N sodium carbonate solution maintaining constant volume, the solution being held at just below the boiling point for 10 minutes. Filter and wash with dilute hydrochloric acid (1:99) and finally with hot water till the residue is free from chloride. Ignite the residue in a tarred crucible at 900 to 10000C, cool in a desicator and weight

From the figure the insoluble residue obtained from the above test, Fly Ash content in the supplied PPC may be obtained. Read references to conduct experiments and find conclusions.

Supplied Portland Pozzolana Cement


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We are thankful to Sir Kaushal Kishore for sharing this important research paper here on the website.

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