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Detailed Units – Convert Units

Following table shows how can we convert various most commonly used units from one unit system to another.

Units to convert


Square foot to Square meter

1 ft² = 0.092903 m²

Foot per second squared  to Meter per second squared

1 ft² = 0. 3048 m²

Cubic foot to  Cubic meter

1 ft³ = 0.028316 m³

Pound per cubic inch to Kilogram per cubic meter

1 lb/in³ = 27679.9 047102 kg/m³

Gallon per minute = Liter per second

1 Gallon per minute = 0.0631 Liter per second

Pound per square inch = Kilopascal

1 Psi (Pound Per Square Inch)  = 6.894757  Kpa (Kilopascal)

Pound force = Newton

1 Pound force = 4.448222 Newton

Pound per Square Foot to Pascal

1 lbf/ft2 = 47.88025 Pascal

Acre foot per day = Cubic meter per second

1 Acre foot per day= 1428 (m3/s)

Acre to square meter

1 acre = 4046.856 m²

Cubic foot per second = Cubic meter per second

1 ft³/s = 0.028316847 m³/s

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jahirul haq says:

please send me a conversion chart

sumit sharma says:

pls send me all civil converison chart

ssnswamy says:

fine aggreaate per cum weight
courseaggegate per cum weight


I think if we can make short formulas for the conversions ,will be better like WT of steel KG/M=D SQUARE/162 dai should be in mm like bar 12.7 mm will weigh 12.7^2/162=0.981 KG/M

Pl send some short conversions ,which can be used on cell phones

nagesh y says:

please send me a conversion units

manoj k says:


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