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Units of Measurement

Units of measurement used in past and present surveys are

For construction work: feet, inches, fractions of inches (m, mm)
For most surveys: feet, tenths, hundredths, thousandths (m, mm)
For National Geodetic Survey (NGS) control surveys: meters, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 m

The most-used equivalents are
1 meter=39.37 in =3.2808 ft
1 rod =1 pole=1 perch=16.5ft(5.029 m)
1 engineer’s chain =100 ft =100 links (30.48 m)
1 Gunter’s chain= 66 ft (20.11 m) =100
Gunter’s links(lk)=4 rods=0.020 km


1 acre=100,000 sq (Gunter’s) links=43,560ft2= 160 rods2=10 sq (Gunter’s) chains=4046.87m2=0.4047 ha

1 rood=1011.5 m2=40 rods2

1 ha= 10,000 m2=107,639.10 ft2=2.471 acres

1 arpent=about 0.85 acre, or length of side of 1 square arpent (varies) (about 3439.1 m2)

1 statute mi=5280 ft=1609.35 m

1 mi2=640 acres (258.94 ha)
1 nautical mi (U.S.)= 6080.27 ft= 1853.248 m

1 fathom=6 ft (1.829 m)


1 cubit=18 in (0.457 m)

1 degree=0.01745 rad=60 min =3600 s
sin 1 =0.01745241
1 rad = 57.30 degree

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