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Coastal & Environment Summit 2017

Event Name: Coastal & Environment Summit2017
Event Date: 7 – 10November 2017
Event Location: Singapore
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Coastal and Marine Habitat Protection & Conservation have become major global agenda across national departments, authorities and ministries responsible for environment, wildlife protection, land uses and coastal zone development communities. Losses of biodiversity, disturbance of marine species, coastal erosion, degradation of natural habitat can be associated with and caused by combination of various factors including natural and man-made changes to coastal environments including rising sea levels, land reclamation, protective structures development, waterborne transportation networks, ports development oil spills, marine fragmentation, sewage discharge, poor beach drainage systems, and many more.


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Contributing to the efforts of coastal development communities in conserving and protecting the coastal environment and marine habitats against negative impacts of climate changes and engineering activities, Equip Global is proud to announce the Coastal & Environment Summit 2017 – An international summit gathering the participation of key stakeholders involved in coastal environments, including marine engineers, architects, port planners, conservationists and policy-makers across the world to share and discuss results, findings and proven practices in protecting coastal environments and conserving marine habitats.

Come attend if you are General Managers / Directors / Heads / Managers / Team Leaders / Supervisors, Planners / Engineersdealing with:
• Coast / Coastal
• Marine
• Environment
• Coastal & Marine Environment
• (Marine) Biologist
• Conservationist
• Marine surveyor
• Port / Coastal Maintenance
• (Maritime) Building & Construction
• Land reclamation

– 4 Exclusive Workshops ALSO available in this 4-Day Summit programme.

** EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS are available for Members/Subscribers of Email to enquiry@equip-global.comto find out more!

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