Allowable Stress Design For Building Columns

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The AISC specification for allowable-stress design (ASD) for buildings provides two formulas for computing allowable compressive stress Fa, ksi (MPa), for main members. The formula to use depends on the relationship of the largest effective slenderness ratio Kl/r of the cross section of any unbraced segment to a factor C c defined by the following equation and table below:

Allowable Stress Design For Building Columns
E=modulus of elasticity of steel =29,000 ksi ( 128.99 GPa )
Fy=Yield stress of steel, ksi (MPa)

When Kl/r is less than C c ,
Fy=36, Cc =126.1
Fy=50, Cc =107

Allowable Stress Design For Building Columns-2
The effective-length factor K, equal to the ratio of effective-column length to actual unbraced length, may be greater or less than 1.0. Theoretical K values for six idealized conditions, in which joint rotation and translation are either fully realized or nonexistent, are tabulated in Figure below

Figure Showing Values of K For idealised Conditions

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    the E value of 128Gpa is wrong, should be 193-200 Gpa

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