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Reinforcing Steel

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications cover renforcing steel. The most important proper- ties of reinforcing steel are

1. Modulus of elasticity E s , lb/in 2 (MPa)

2. Tensile strength, lb/in 2 (MPa)

3. Yield point stress f y , lb/in 2 (MPa)

4. Steel grade designation (yield strength)

5. Size or diameter of the bar or wire

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top bun says:

Please me some documents about How to analysis the building ? by formula with example with photo or with video really good


ohh ho vry well i’m 2much happy after reading this.
This is good information for student.really
I will b thankfull to all whos contribute
Once again thanks

sriaknth reddy says:

This is srikanth reddy here,
This is good information for every body
i am thankful to see the site
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