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Concrete Mix Design – M60 Grade Of Concrete (OPC 53 Grade)

Concrete mix design – M60 grade of concrete provided here is for reference purpose only. Actual site conditions vary and thus this should be adjusted as per the location and other factors.

A. Design Stipulation:
Charastaristic comprehensive Strength @ 28 days = 60 N/mm2
Maximum size of aggregate = 20 mm
Degree of workability = Collapsible
Degree of quality control = Good
Type of exposure = Severe
Minimum cement content as per is 456-2000

B. Test data for concrete ingredients
Specific gravity of cement = 3.15
Specific gravity of fly ash = 2.24
Specific gravity of microsilica = 2.21
Setting time of cement initial = 120 min, final = 185 min
Cement compressive strength =
45.21 N/mm2 @ 3 days
54.82 N/mm2 @ 7 days
69.32 N/mm2 @ 28 days
Specific gravity of coarse aggregates (ca) and fine aggregates (fa)
20 mm 2.729
10 mm 2.747
R/sand 2.751
C/sand 2.697

Water absorption
20 mm 1.540, 10mm 1.780, R/sand 3.780, C/sand 4.490


Characterstic strength @ 28 days 60 N/mm2
Target mean strength : Depend upon degree of quality control “good” and considering (std. Dev.As 5 N/mm2)

Characteristic strength given by the relation 60 +(1.65 *5 ) = 68.25 N/mm2

C. Quantities of ingredients ( by absolute volume Method )
Actual cement used = 450 kg/cum
Actual fly ash used = 80 kg/cum
Actual microsilica used = 40 kg/cum
W/C fixed = 0.24
Absolute volume of cement = 0.143
Absolute volume of air = 0.02
Absolute vol of water. = 0.137
Absolute vol of fly ash. = 0.036
Absolute vol of microsilica = 0.018

Total volume of CA and FA used = 1.00-(0.143+0.036+0.018+0.02 +0.137)
= 0.619 Cum

D. Aggregate percent used.
20 Mm = 31, 10 mm = 25, r/sand = 34, c/sand = 10

(2.729*0.31) + (2.747*0.25) +(2.751* 0.34 )+(2.697*0.10) *0.619*1000
Aggt: cement = 3.10 : 1

Mix proportion = 0.24:1:1.06:0.30:0.78:0.96

E. Abstract:
20 mm 546 kg/cum
10 mm 444 kg/cum
r/sand 604 kg /cum
c/sand 174 kg/cum
water 137 kg/cum

Admixture 1.80 % By wt of (C+F+MS) chemsonite SP 450XL-B


Cube Compressive Strength (N/mm2)
3 days = 40.98
7 Days = 57.71
28 Days = 70.96

Note: Mix design is same for crane bucket and pump concrete only admixture dosage will fine tuned by 0.10%.
We are thankful to Deshmukh D S for submitting this very useful mix design information to us.

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24 comments on "Concrete Mix Design – M60 Grade Of Concrete (OPC 53 Grade)"

eng.Abdulellah says:

Dear sir,
Plz I need the mix design of concrete block

kumaran says:

M70 mix design shows it will have shrinkage cracks as the Cementitious content exceeds 450 kg as per IS 456

kiran says:

hello plz send me the complete calculation for any design mix


please send me the % limit of micro silica in concrete as per IS

prakash jain says:

plz. let me know diff. between r/sand and c/sand

D.lokeshwaran says:

Rever sand is naturelly taken but crusher sand are man made its have sieve passing percentage below the river sand its possibility of use not given assurance of stength…..i know only this .. if you know lot of means share with me..

Yogesh S Thakare says:

natural sand is occur from river bed from disintegration of natural rock & crush sand is produced from crushing plant ( Artificial crushing of stone

satish says:

Basicaly river sand occurs naturaly from river & c.sand from crushing of stone. basic differance is about shape of particles n.sand particles are spherical .Due to fine particles the srinkage cracks are observed more in c.sand than Riversand concrete.addmixture doses increses in c.sand concrete as compare as riversand concrete.& major strength is also affected due to c.sand.

D.lokeshwaran says:

Plz i need. (Used (ppc) in design mix concretes )hom many kgs required in per m3(cement)their w/c ratio, fine aggregates kg/m3 and coarse aggregate kg/m3.For all types of Design mix concretes pizzzzzzzzz do need full

Manmohan singh says:

Thanks for all grades of concrete

n.raj says:

River sand size is standard (4.75 mm passing and 2mm retained). But c/s size different, because very fine particle are present in c/s. So how to use c/s without proper sieve. Please i want the reason sir ….

gerard gigi michael says:

very nice and useful

bijay rout says:

let me know that when we will use admixture(plasticizer/superplasticizer) ,how much water we reduce.send me the calculation procedure

mahesh varma says:

please give me the details of temperature for all grades of the concrete.

satya sen says:

What are the permissible stress in compression for bending and direct stress for M60 Grade concrete ?

kunjumon says:

sir y did u use opc 53 instead of opc 43 for m60

sarath Gamage says:

Do we need temperature control for Grade 25 reinforcement concrete?
Normal temperature in the afternoon 29 degrees

Raj says:

what will be the proportion if we want to use crush sand instead of coarse and fine aggregate?

Rosmy says:

Dear Sir,
I need your help for m60 mix design .If any cementatious material is added for preparing of control mix.please be send control mix.

Dheeraj Dasari says:

What is the minimum % dosage for using microsilica in concrete designs.? was there mentioned in any IS Code?

Krishnakant Karekar says:

What is the permissible shear strength and Maximum shear strength of M60 grade concrete

Krishnamurthy says:

What is Specific Gravity and how to calculate it?

Ajay.k ray says:

Dear sir grades of concrete M30 design form bag concrete plz sir……….

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