What is CDIS?

Coordinate Design & Information System (CDIS) is a technology that was first made public a decade ago in a February, 2001 article published in Professional Surveyor Magazine that can be read at explaining what was to be a revolution in technology with a promise to obsolete CAD and GIS based systems.
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Sustainability – What is it?

For land development, what makes a development sustainable? All forms of land development will affect the livability, economics, and environment of the region surrounding the developed site. Each individual new development becomes part of a patchwork that forms the quilt of a “city”. The problem today is that most land developments are not sustainable, which presents a domino effect that can ultimately destroy a cities long term livability –it cannot sustain itself.

The United Nations defines sustainability as a balance of People, Planet and Profit, or the 3-P’s as also adopted by Sustainable Land Development Initiative ( The problem with the three P’s is it was developed for all situations, including third world countries where life’s basic needs may not be addressed, vs. developed industrial societies. The other problem is that P which states “Profit” inferring that the developer walks away with a larger bank account, but what happens for the decades and centuries the development exists far beyond that initial home sale or commercial lease?
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What is Land Planning?

Land Planning is the first step that a developer takes upon acquiring a site. Virtually everyone involved in Civil Engineering will experience being a land planner of sort. Try to find the definition of a land planner by searching the internet. What you will find is definitions of “Land-Use Planners” and “Urban Planners” and “City Planners”, but when consultants often list their range of services offered, “Land Planning” is often on their business cars, letter heads and web sites.

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Prefurbia Surface Flow

Planning & Engineering often go together like cats and dogs, conservatives and liberals, or oil and water. This series of educational articles that will teach you about new opportunities for engineers who embrace planning – a new era of preferred living standards called, Prefurbia.

Providing for Surface Drainage through more efficient planning:
Planning and engineering merge when creating ‘green’ solutions, including proven methods such as surface storm water flow (that is also affordable compared to piped flow).

Nature has provided land with flow that has evolved over time. However, typical urban and suburban development patterns destroy millions of years of evolution. It’s most efficient to keep surface flow as close to the natural system as possible – the best solution from both economic and environmental perspectives.

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