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Various Lab Test On Cement

Checking of materials is an essential part of civil engineering as the life of structure is dependent on the quality of material used.Following are the tests to be conducted to judge the quality of cement.

1. Fineness
2. Soundness
3. Consistency
4. Initial And Final Setting Time Of Cement


Just click on the names of the tests above to know the entire procedure of how we perform these tests.

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79 comments on "Various Lab Test On Cement"

pappu says:

Manufacturing of cement by dry process.
1.selection of raw material.
2.treatment of raw material.
3.burning & drying.
4.grinding of klinkers.
5.packing and storage.

sachin tilak says:

Hi, sir
give all details about permeability test on cement concrete, methods theory, etc

Suresh Patel says:

Respected Sir,
We stored a some quantity of Cement last six months. now we want to
use it for construction. is it preferable? should we use this
cement in concrete / plastering ?
what is the provision of IS ?


Srinivas says:

Sub: Info on Manufacturing of Fly Ash Bricks ?

Hello Sir,

Can you please provide useful information on Manufacturing Process of Fly Ash Bricks & the Technology required for it to produce bricks.

With Metta,
Civil Engineer

“May all beings be Happy”

m singh says:

well I am new in cement well sir can u give the various test for the Lime stone and the methord it will
be a guirdline 4 me

preeti says:

Hello Sir,

Which kind of problems occur while lab testing for materials? How to deal with customer?



David says:

How do you test for the shock a concrete rod can take, before it shatters. I am a High school student and it will help me with my Extended Essay. I also need a more accurate way to test for the maximum strain force it can take too.

mukesh mishra says:

the procedures of testing is realy good

akshaya says:

sir ,we want to know the correct procedures and formula on deflection test on steel pipes….

Yashpal singh says:

Dear sir
I want some information about classification of soil by ‘Younger’ triangle method.And relation between plastic limit and liquid limit and relation between grain size of soil and CBR of Soil.


dear sir i need a information about VG30 paving grade bitumen please say the requirements for test procedure and how to do that

Rakesh Jha says:

Dear Sir,

Can you please avail the analytical procedure for cement testing in a lab.

ravi sankar says:

hi sir,
what is the need of chemical mixture by using the mineral admixture

simon odigie okosun says:

does the grade a of cement determine what it should should be used for?for instance can an m50 grade be used for concrete,aggregate and plastering?

manjunathan.d says:

hi,sir how to find fluidity test(contact area determination test).

Pulla Reddy says:

hi sir,

Thank you for valuable information.what is the testing procedure of CC blocks compressive strength.

Pulla Reddy

anjit karna says:

Hi sir
how we can test the permeabilty in cement concrete cube(150*150*150 mm) in lab.
anjit karna

arnold says:

HI ^^
thank you for the very valuable informations…
I hope that you will add more infos!!

shrishail kumar says:

hello sir, please give the information about specific gravity test for OPC cement…

Vignesh Ayyar says:

Hello Sir can you tell me about replacing OPC with Blended Cement & its various propertiesmand advantages over OPC.

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