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Sreenivasa Hassan Jayaram

Impingement Of Environmental Factors That Defines A System On Composites Performance

Sreenivasa Hassan Jayaram
Manager-Projects, Jones Lang LaSalle India, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560001

Abstract-Composite materials are combination of two or more simple materials to yield another material with better properties like higher strength, stiffness, fatigue life, less weight, Resistance to higher temperatures. The common types of Composites under use are Particle reinforced type, Fiber reinforced type, Sandwich or Laminated type.In composites normally particle of one or more material are suspended in a matrix of another material to make the material stronger. The Fiber Reinforced Composites are the long fiber of one material is embedded in the matrix of other material which turns out to be extremely strong. The fiber reinforced composites can be used in concrete by reinforcing elements like carbon fiber, aramid fiber, grid type reinforcement elements, etc. Add reinforcing steel rods, wires and bars (rebar) to uncured concrete to enhance mechanical strength. The environmental effects on this composite material may pose threat to structure and must be considered during the design process, otherwise failure will cause waste of time, energy and money. Usually the degree of sensitivity of composites to individual environmental factors is quite different. The effects of environmental factors such as biological attack, fatigue, temperature and moisture can limit the usefulness of polymer composites by deteriorating the mechanical properties during service and are the most important environmental degradation factors to be taken into consideration. The temperature effects on the fracture properties of composites. The study by Marom, 1989[7] showed that inter laminar fracture energy decreased by 25-30% as temperature increased from –50°C to 100°C. All these factors are particularly significant in tropical and subtropical conditions, cracking of elements may cause rapid of degradation by corrosion. The paper highlights the effect of environmental parameters on performance of various types of composites with necessary precautions.
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