Various Lab Test On Soil

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Soil inspection or say geotechnical inspection is very important in understanding the physical properties of soil and the rocks beneath. This is required to ascertain the the type of foundation required for the proposed construction. Various tests are done to explore the sub surface and surface characteristics of soil .Some of these are given below.

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1) Water Content – There are two test which can be done to determine the water content of soil. These are
a) Calcium Carbide Method
b) Oven Drying Method
Other tests on soil are :
2) Free Swell Index Of Soil
3) Plastic Limit Of Soil
4) Liquid Limit Of Soil


5) Particle Size Distribution Of Soil
6) The Specific Gravity Of Soil
7) The In-Situ Dry Density Of Soil By Sand Replacement Method
8 ) The In-Situ Dry Density Of Soil By Core Cutter Method
9) The Maximum Dry Density And The Optimum Moisture Content Of Soil

Apart from these some Soil Compaction Tests are also done. See this for details

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