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Prestress Engineering

Grouting of Post Tensioned Cables In I- Beam

The purpose of grouting is to provide permanent protection to the post-tensioned steel against corrosion and to develop bond between the Prestressing cables and the surrounding structural concrete.Grouting shall be carried out as early as possible, but generally not later than two weeks of stressing.Whenever this stipulation cannot be completed with for unavoidable reasons adequate temporary protection of the cables against corrosion by methods or products, which will not impair the ultimate adherence of the injected grout shall be ensured till grouting.

1. Water : Only Clean potable water free from impurities shall be used.

2. Cement : Ordinary port land cement 43Grade shall be used. It should be as fresh as possible and free from any lumps.

3. Admixture : Non-shrink powder compound. (Intra Plast N-200 of Sika Brand).

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