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Piles Engineering

There is a general trend that toe defects in bored pile construction have become more serious. Why?

Direct coring method is commonly employed to check the quality and workmanship of bored piles. It is further divided into two main types, namely interface coring (pile/rock interface) and full coring (entire concrete pile length). In the past, the implementation of full-depth coring usually takes place near the pile centre to prevent physical conflicts with reinforcement cage. When placing concrete by tremie method, concrete pouring by tremie pipe is carried out near pile centre and soft and weak materials are usually displaced to the sides of bored piles.

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What is the widespread usage of 45o load spread rule?

Under the 45o load spread rule, when the horizontal distance between the toe level of adjacent piles is smaller than the vertical difference between the piles, additional load is deemed to be added by the pile at lower founding level. Hence, when the pile at lower founding level is within the zone of 45o spreading from the pile at higher elevation, further load checking is required for the lower pile.

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What is the purpose of maintaining excess water head during excavation for bored piles?

Excavation of bored piles is usually implemented by a hammer grab. The steel casing will be extended by welding or bolting on additional casing and is installed by hydraulic oscillator.

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Why are bored piles usually cast higher than the required final level?

It appears to be a common construction practice that bored piles are normally cast up to a piling platform much higher than the formation level of pile caps. Then, the excessive pile length has to be cropped and removed to the correct level for the subsequent construction of pile cap. The reasons of such practice are as follows:

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Piles Used To Retain Soil

The following picture shows how Piles are used to retain soil. Piles are very useful way to prevent the sliding soil. More over as we go deep and deep, excavation becomes a prime source of concern for site engineers as soil keeps on flowing. More over in some cases it can become a source of accident. So piles are a great relief to site engineers.

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