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Construction Terms

Construction Terms Beginning With Letter: A

A/C– An abbreviation for air conditioner or air conditioning.

A/C Condenser– The outside fan unit of the Air Conditioning system. It removes the heat from the freon gas and “turns” the gas back into a liquid and pumps the liquid back to the coil in the furnace.

A/C Disconnect– The main electrical ON-OFF switch near the A/C Condenser.

Aerator– The round screened screw-on tip of a sink spout. It mixes water and air for a smooth flow.

Aggregate– A mixture of sand and stone and a major component of concrete.

Air space – The area between insulation facing and interior of exterior wall coverings. Normally a 1″ air gap.

Allowance(s) – A sum of money set aside in the construction contract for items which have not been selected and specified in the construction contract. For example, selection of tile as a flooring may require an allowance for an underlayment material, or an electrical allowance which sets aside an amount of money to be spent on electrical fixtures.

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