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Civil Engineering Presentations

Construction Magazine

This presentation is in pdf format and is readily available on the internet.I just collected it here in my resources

This presentation deals with the importance of construction and covers all necessary aspects
Click on the link to download Construction Magazine

Introduction To Civil Engineering

This presentation explains the various fields of Civil Engineering and the scope of these fields.Apart from this,it also tells us about the relative use of civil engineering fields in our life

Click on the link to download it Introduction To Civil Engineering

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City Planning

The Presentation by students of Thapar University on City Planning.This presentation was made by the 3 students :- Divya Aggarwal,Mayank Grover And Me.We tried to cover all aspects of city planning in this presentation.The pictures in this presentation are little blurred but yet this can be very useful for students who want to know about the city planning details.

Download City Planning.ppt

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