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Civil Engineering Events

Aakaar, The annual technical fest of the Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay.

Aakaar, the annual technical fest of the Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay. Scheduled for the 27-28th of February, 2010 at IIT Powai, Mumbai, India; this two day extravaganza promises to envelope the wide diversities of civil engineering – a pedestal to present your ideas, a platform to showoff your designs, a playpen to build those blocks again.


BLS Congress

BLS Congress
24th & 25th November 2008
Hyatt Regency Dubai UAE

BLS Congress 2008 is focusing on Bulk Liquid Storage issues in industries such as oil, petrochemical and chemical in the Middle East. With the rapidly increasing demand of oil and the rising prices of oil in the Middle East, the need for best practices in storage installations and safety aspects cannot be denied. This congress does not only focus on the design and maintenance aspects of bulk liquid storage tanks, but also on vital aspects such as safety and operations efficiency of bulk liquid storage installations.


BLS Congress 2008 is a convention of Managing Directors, CEOs, Plant Managers, Terminal Managers and senior executives from the operations, HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) and maintenance from the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industry as well as liquid terminal operators involved in the storage and distribution business of bulk liquids in the Middle East. This well-timed event was also put together for attendees to conquer changing market conditions, competitive opportunities, new technologies and solutions for the bulk liquid storage sector, directions towards maximising terminal operations efficiency, as well as gaining knowledge on various techniques which can help increase productivity by minimising product loss.

Conference agenda & focus:

The congress features two-day conference that includes 6 streamed sessions:

Stream 1: Terminal Management & Operations

Stream 2: Tank Maintenance & Refurbishment

Stream 3: Health, Safety & Environment

Stream 4: Terminal Operations & Emergency Response

Stream 5: Tank Construction & Leakage Detection

Stream 6: Environmental Sustainability

Key Benefits of attending:

  • Gaining an in-depth insight into the trends and developments in the bulk liquid storage market in the Middle East
  • Maximising your tank performance through effective maintenance, repair, cleaning and inspection strategies
  • Emphasising on safety procedures and complying to safety and environmental regulations in bulk liquid storage and transportation
  • Increasing efficiency of terminal operations with terminal automation
  • Addressing the change of mindset of staff when shifting from manual to automated operations
  • Mastering best practices in handling and transporting hazardous chemicals
  • Complying with American Petroleum Insititute (API) standards in the design and construction of storage tanks
  • Investing in preventative measures to avoid storage tank disasters
  • Applying proper disaster recovery and emergency response techniques to battle with disasters retention.

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