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Civil Engineering Events

AAKAAR 2016, IIT Bombay

AAKAAR is an annual technical department festival of IIT Bombay celebrated every year to serve as a platform for likeminded civil engineering students all over the countryto share their ideas. It aims at creating a platform to compete, learn and promote Civil Engineering amongst the education fraternity through Competitions, Events and Symposium (research paper conference). Launched in the year 2009, Aakaar has gone on to become the undisputed frontrunner among civil engineering festivals. Taking this legacy forward, AAKAAR 2016 has been launched with the theme of ‘Need of the Hour: Smartness’ to serve as a platform to discuss and provide smart and feasible solutions to mitigate the problems being faced by the society.

Civil Engineering 2016

International Conference on Sustainable Civil Engineering

OMICS International feels proud to announce “International Conference on Sustainable Civil Engineering” (Civil Engineering 2016) which is going to be held during June 20-22, 2016 Cape Town, South Africa, with the theme of “Innovations in Sustainable Civil Engineering”.

International Civil Engineering Symposium, ICES 15

“International Civil Engineering Symposium, ICES’ 15, from 12th to 15th march, 2015. ICES’15 is a civil engineering symposium having an international appeal with Guest lectures (both international and national), training seminars, quintessential workshops along with enigmatic events and a cultural night. It welcomes students, research scholars as well as professionals from all over the globe to ideate, discuss and engage in this forthcoming four-day event. The success of ICES’14 is a testimony to ASCE-VIT’s hard work and commitment towards taking civil engineering to the next level.


Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering) Shahbad Daulatpur, Main Bawana Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110042 Rithala Metro Station

Society for civil and environmental engineers SCEE is a society funded in 2009 and it aims to provide its members various opportunities to participate in events related to bestowing practical knowledge in the field of civil and environmental engineering. It is under our faculty advisor Dr. A K Shrivastava and guided by chief patron Dr. A K Gupta.

Megalith 2015 – IIT Kharagpur Fest

Megalith is the annual festival of the Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur to be held from 27th February to 1st March 2015 under the aegis of the Civil Engineering Society.

Megalith 2015

Megalith offers a diverse range of competitions, workshops and guest lectures. The sole objective of Megalith is to promote and encourage ideas and innovation in the field of civil engineering and it strives to present a platform to the civil engineering students to work and interact with several civil engineering aspects.