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  1. Attached Isometric of pipework.

    There are two outlets, both of which will flow at 0.33 litres per second and must have a residual pressure of 220 kPa minimum. Water main has 360 kPa when flowing at 10 litres per second so can assume greater at lower flow but I dont have those figures available so work with 360 kPa.

    There will be a gate valve at the connection to the main and on the above ground section after the tapping.

    Also allow for a gate valve at each of the hose reels. Other fittings i.e. bends and tees as per isometric.

    Pipe diameter is fixed at 25mm.

    Need to confirm 360 kPa is sufficient to acheive 220 kPa at each hose reel when both flowing simultaneously. pipe material will be copper tube type b

    Attached is 1:20 @ A3, however dimensions are also shown.

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