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    Please, what are difference between engineered complex system and complex system that is not engineered. (system engineering)?
  2. The answer can be very simple: “We wish to design complex systems with the same level of performance as nature does!

    Unluckily, we are still far from being able to do it. Let us go through many ‘whys’, and ‘why nots'.

    1. Complex systems models and related questions were already discussed in some of my posts, here is one example Jiří Kroc's answer to What is complex system modeling? . The information covered there is necessary for better understanding of this answer.
    2. Read hundreds articles and books about complex systems but you will not be any closer to it.
    3. Many are speaking about designing of complex systems, and even about self-organization and emergence but we are still eons far from the performance of naturally designed complex systems.
    4. Let us take one example, which I did programmed in 2003, it is self-organizing model which splits any domain into the predefined number of subdomains: . If you study this open source code or read the paper then you immediately see how complicated such programming can easily become.
    5. The difficulty with such programming is that you are using the synchronous engine. Every event programmed within such environment must be synchronous. This inevitably leads to scheduling of events. Even simple movement of boundary becomes rather complicated, see the paper and the code.

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