Retention/Detention Ponds in Florida

Discussion in 'Environmental Engineering' started by hariandro, Apr 6, 2017.

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    I am trying to help a friend of mine with a site and a drainage plan. I've done some very small single family retention designs in the past but this one is a bit larger. My ESH is fairly shallow which would give me a large pond area if I design it to where it accepts all the runoff and make sure it recovers in 72hrs. The other alternative I believe is to design a detention pond and outflow a portion of the runoff to the swale (In the R.O.W) in the front of the property but I am not sure if this is allowed. Even if I did design it to take all the volume and treat it I believe I would still need to have a way for the water to get to the front swale in case it overflows.

    The site is still relatively small at about 0.5 acre but I am trying to come up with the best design possible for this. Any feedback on possible solutions would be greatly appreciated

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