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  1. Nelia

    Nelia Novice

    Can i ask some help?? About foundation???
    Can i extend the height of my perimeter conrete fence if it is already weak??
    How can i solve this to ensure that i can add additional height without collapsing the wall. . .
    Its a school fence so it must be child friendly and safe. . Thak you. Ihope i can get answer.
  2. from the top of the concrete fense you can go for the iron mesh or iron fense
  3. Nelia

    Nelia Novice

    Thank you. .
    But is there any way that only chb wall can be added?
    Because the height extension was proposed so that the students will not anymore enter school through the fence but rather on the gate.
    If i will use wire mesh its not child friendly or children would be likely to passed through the fence.

    Can i just add the size of the column and add foundation???

    Thank you.
  4. We are Engineer so we think create Engineer is like creating ourselves.
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    Great discussion!:)

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