What is Welding training and certification.

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  1. What is Welding training and certification.
  2. Before replying you I need to introduce my self
    I use to read forums regularly and By the last night I read this forum and As my profession is related to this I registered this forum.I hope I can help You

    I have been working as a career guidance instructor for the last 5 years.And by this short time I had met many people.Most of them wants to do short term courses and at the same time they need a certification from up reputed universities.It's a general issue that people suffer lots of confusion on choosing which subject they need to specialize.Nowadays it has been noticed that production industry is searching for more freshers.So those who have interest on welding try to build up a career on the same.No youtube videos can fully teach you all the lessons of welding.Welding should be learned through proper training and you should be certified and unless then you will not get a job in good companies.For those who are in search of welding schools you have a wide range of option for choosing a good one.Try to choose institutions that have an experience of more than 5 years in that field.
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    I just wanted to share something to you that's why i added this with my content .It just happened yesterday morning.And I feel I need to share this with you.Because this is my first experience in life.I always say proudly that I have an experience of more than 5 in my profession.But That was nothing in truth.Last day I went for one for a morning walk and on the way I see an old man hope more than 85 years old in his house trying to weld two iron rodes.I came excited and asked him what was he doing.He replied me that He joined a new welding school one week ago and they asked him to try welding on iron rodes.And he was trying for that from the last night.And he is trying for the same again and again.It was surprising for me that how passionate him was.He wished to do welding as a career but he could not do it at that time and when he got that he was working for this passion.How dedicated he was?????This is a real story.I shared this to all because you all need to work for your career more strongly.No need to be confused.Just work for your passion and skill.You will achieve that.
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    Welding education requirements vary by employer. Methods and techniques taught in welding classes include arc welding, soldering, brazing, casting and bronzing. Hands-on training often includes oxyacetylene welding and cutting, shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding and gas metal arc welding. Do course or join welding school and complete academic session and got a certificate of course to prove your self. In mechanical engineering, welding is also important. without welding, we cant work in mechanical engineering. Engineering colleges also have welding labs. Visit best engineering colleges in Nagpur, they are also having a facility of welding labs.

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