What are safety guidelines for highways?

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    It is really important to know the safety guidelines for highways as we all travel in our daily life. And as a civil engineer, this is a very basic thing that we should know about highway guidelines. Here I am giving some tips and want to hear more from you as well.
    Before starting your car's engine

    You should check some points before going for a long drive that is you should check the tyre pressure & condition. Also visually inspect your car from the outside and in bonnet too.

    You should not place any bottles or shoes on the floor as they can roll or come to the section of a pedal and block the brake pedal movement.

    Don't overload your car with excessive cargo.

    You should drive with both hands on the steering wheel not only with one hand.

    Do NOT get distracted by outside objects.

    You should care about other road users

    Keep maintain a safe distance from the car ahead and follow the 4-second rule. A safe distance it means you have superior visibility of what lies ahead.

    Safely Overtake

    Your overtaking should be short, smooth & sweet.

    Don't overtake until you have an absolutely clear view.

    Maintain a gap from the car in front.

    Quick Recap of Cautionary Road Signs:

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