Road Printing Machine - You will be shocked to see this

Discussion in 'Bridges and Highways' started by Abhi Juneja, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Abhi Juneja

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  2. peerzada

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    how this machine works....its full description?
  3. kanwarjot singh

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    This machine is invented byDutchman Henk van Kuijk and works on gravity system...Named Tiger-Stone, it can lay 400m of bricks in one day.
    Working of Brick Laying machine ( Tiger Stone)
    1) Load the bricks in hopper in the pattern you wish to lay them on road.
    2) Due to gravity, the bricks slide together and form a sheet

    Seems easy :) but the cost of machine is way too high (Close to $100,000) o_O
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  4. Vaibhav

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    this is surely what Modi govt should buy and start building village roads
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  5. Krishnaveni S

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    i have a doubt.... is this durable?
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  6. Very nice, the job is easily & precisely done, good technology for civil engineers!:):cool:
  7. URCADServices

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    Excellent invention! Cost maybe a bit high but it gets a lot of work done quickly with less effort :cool:
  8. Jiju.T

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    good .but one problem the surface should be good level any defect then very difficult to repair after laying the interlock.

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