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    I'm new to this forum and also a self learning of the art of of civil engineering.
    I'm retired so all of my time is devoted in solving human social problems such
    as affordable housing, creating a better education concept and system, advocate
    of population control which is I believe the cause of all social ills around the world.

    Imagine the social problems facing China with their new two child policy??? China
    plans to double their population and economy. Do you see the social problems
    when that happens? I keep asking how can we solve current social issues such
    as homelessness, mental illness, crime, affordable housing, parking spaces, traffic
    congestion and that bad things to comes with over population and last to mention
    the amount of human waste and even amount of food needed to support the doubling
    of world population. Think about this, if we already over fishing the world's oceans then
    how we are going to deplete the fish population when population uncontrolled and unplanned?
    Every human being born today will have their rights to bear children and raise a family.
    You see how population will continue to grow much larger in the future.

    Oh well, that is just a few concerns on the back of my mind but I'm currently focused on
    a few ideas on affordable housing where I was planning to create an entity called Habitat
    For All.com or dot org. Trying to figure out a way to solve several problems in home construction.
    Currently in the USA: 1. we have wildfires that destroyed many homes almost every year. 2. Floods
    destroying properties every year as well during huge storms. 3. Termites costing homeowners a lot
    of money. 4. Too many processes in current home construction adding to labor costs and affordability
    of housing.

    My question is can I or someone help to create a better way to build future housing using materials that
    might help solve the above issues? I was thinking of specially designed sectional wall prefab aluminum panels where they can be put together easily by anyone taking the engineering calculations out of
    home construction. Mass producing these wall panels which might consists of 3 to 4 different sets
    such as a window set, a door panel set, a black wall panel set, or even a whole glass wall set in which
    the homeowner can decide how he or she create the look and feel of their future home. It could be
    interesting to create such a system of creating such panels in a cost effective production and design.

    Imagine no more need for the different process of wood framing, dry wall, painting, siding, rain gutters.
    Electrical work could also be more easily by just plugging in wires since it is built in during prefab at
    the factory. The future of electrical connections might never even need the use of an electrician. This new
    type of home building could eliminate many of these professionals that add high costs to current home
    construction. The only problem is this type of project might create loss of many jobs but should help
    lower the costs of housing. Home inspection could be eliminated or much easier to pass since all the engineering designed into the whole system.

    Obviously, this project will require a lot of money to make this reality. Maybe my ideas are just a dream.
    But it is good just to spend some time to figure out how to get this possible with some prototype designs
    and sample wall panel systems. Once I can build some samples, this could really start to be interesting
    project. If successful, no need to buy wildfire insurance, no need for expensive termite damage, no more
    flood issues, Maybe better earthquake control damage, less maintenance also, maybe really affordable
    as we take the labor out of home construction.

    A great deal of engineering work and design needed. Hope anyone might give me some mentoring help
    on this project. This is mostly a nonprofit type of project.

    Thanks for reading my first post here.


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