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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Peter, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. Peter

    Peter Novice

    Hello CEP members.

    I have a feeling I am about to get booed out of here because I am not a civil engineer. So, what am I doing here? I thought it might interest some of you in a project I am currently doing. It is civil engineering related, and it is about making a model display for a maritime museum. The model is a working Lift-Span Bridge, scale 1:72. What operates the bridge is an old console (1964-1995) which used to operate the Wardell Bridge, (NSW, Australia). The model is of the same bridge.

    If CEP admin, moderators, and members are interested in seeing this Work In Progress showcase, please let me know under which sub-forum to start a thread in.

    Best regards from Peter.
  2. Peter

    Peter Novice

    Two days later, no response from admin or a moderator to my enquiry.
    Must be understaffed at this time of year.
    Even the members are not that active here.
    I wonder why?
  3. Peter

    Peter Novice

    Okay, it is obvious that this forum is virtually at a stand still. That is a pity.
    It would be pointless to contribute a working model of a lift-span bridge if nobody is ever going to see it.
    So I might as well retire from here for the meantime.
  4. kanwarjot singh

    kanwarjot singh Adminstrator Staff Member

  5. Peter

    Peter Novice

    I got the email notification.
    Thanks for your response.
    I can see that the forum is over three years old with a low number of posts.

    Just to let you know, forums need to be marketed like any other business.
    Forums that serve its members, instead of expecting members to serve the forum, have high activity.
    At least have regular news and events updates.

    Unfortunately, the members you have already gained know that this forum is not well engineered, and most likely never to return. Unless it gets active.
    They need to know that the forum is about to have a new life of informative news, links, bargains, competitions, quests, etc.

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