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    I am student in surveying engineering major, we have so difficult text book not easy to understand :

    I have some question never found it in the book or any where , can you help please?

    1. The errors introduced during spatial data collection from the Global Positioning System and remote sensing is due to the limitations of the equipment.

    T orF

    2. Among the standards within the Geographic Information Systems(GIS) industry the least amount of progress has been made in defining (select all that apply):

    a. analysisstandards

    b. interoperability standards c. spatial data standards

    d. professional standards

    4. An example of tests for attribute accuracy often require comparisons of percentages among thematic data that identify lake bottom elevations equal to zero.

    T orF

    5. The root mean square error is not the same as the average distance error

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    6. The foundation for the most accurate spatial data set is established by:

    a. the completeness which describes how well the data set captures all of the intended features.

    b. the type being considered.

    c. the presence,absence,or frequency of inconsistent data.

    d. how close the locations of objects represented in the digital data set.


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