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  1. kanwarjot singh

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    A very warm welcome to all Civil Engineers. In order to maintain discipline on this forum, we have formulated certain basic rules which are applicable to everyone who signs up and becomes a member of this community.

    1) No personal comments or inappropriate language should be used in any part of the website.

    2) Personal attacks against people, caste, region, religion, sex etc are not allowed and will attract appropriate action.

    3) Post your views or queries in the most relevant forum category.

    4) Use search feature to find the information you are looking for before posting threads. Duplicate threads will be deleted at regular intervals.

    5) Affiliate Links, Warez Links, Links to sites spreading hatred, child abuse, pornographic content and anything which is not safe for work is not allowed. Your account will be terminated without any prior warning.

    6) Before posting any reply or thread, please understand this is a public forum and is open to every one. So don't post any sensitive or personal information.

    7) Give respect to get respect, so be polite and helpful to other forum members.

    8) In case of any problem or clarification, feel free to contact the staff

    Please note these rules can be modified from time to time as per site needs. So don't forget to check them once in a month.
  2. Suhas

    Suhas Novice

    Thank you for letting me know the rules here
  3. Sahil Kumar

    Sahil Kumar Novice

    thank you will surely obey them
  4. Midhun

    Midhun Novice

    i will obey them
  5. Abhi Juneja

    Abhi Juneja Novice

  6. suresh

    suresh Novice

    yes, definitely this site is supposed to educate our young buds stepping in to vast field of civil engg and give adequate support for future assignments.
  7. Nawal Singh

    Nawal Singh Novice

    Thank you
  8. C.B.PATIL

    C.B.PATIL Novice

    thank you for all the conveniance sir

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