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    Hello everyone I have a doubt.We constructed a building 18×30=540 Sq.ft 18 ft is from north to south and 30 ft from east to west with ground floor and first floor.In the terrace we are constructing a head room in the south east(Agni moola) and thought placing the two syntax tank (500 liters each)on top of the head room.But the problem is some one told us the south east(Agni moola) can’t go higher than the south west(Kubera moola). So what we thought was just construct columns,beams and slab in the south west(Kubera moola) and place the two syntax tank on top of the slab.The slab dimension is 18×11’6″. In this 18 x 11’6″ area we have six columns.Two columns in the first and two in the middle and two in the last.But the problem now is only one column rod is extending up to the terrace.That column rod is middle one.The other five column rods were cutted for making parapet walls.So now the other columns rods is up to the first floor top slab and not up to the terrace. What can we do to construct the columns beams slab and place the two syntax tank on top?. It needs to be structurally safe.

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