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Discussion in 'Misc Engineering Queries' started by Vikas Sharma, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Vikas Sharma

    Vikas Sharma Novice

    hello civil engineering fraternity...

    I am constructing my house on a 300sq yard plot and need help in judging the quality of material being used like bricks, sand, cement, coarse aggregates etc.

    Please send me details of what ever you feel will be useful during the construction phase, i have hired the contractor but still i need to have some quality testing reference material with me.
  2. kanwarjot singh

    kanwarjot singh Adminstrator Staff Member

    Here are few basic things you should keep in mind

    1) Bricks - Take two bricks and strike them together, they should give a ringing sound..
    2) Cement - Use a branded one like Ultratech or JK cement
    3) Steel - Again go with branded - Kamdhenu or Jyoti
  3. C.B.PATIL

    C.B.PATIL Novice

    i want more ideas about construction......
  4. C.B.PATIL

    C.B.PATIL Novice

    i think you should have a best formwork for a building first........

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