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    everyone...I got a unique challenge ahead regards my career and I need some help. I am a civil engineer with 10 years of experience. I have started my career as a site engineer with a very big company in middle East and after 4 years of experience I got another opportunity in a small organization as project manager. I took it and worked there for 4 years delivered small projects and virtually headed the company. And after that returned back in India and enrolled for a part time masters programme in construction management. I got a placement in an Indian middle sized firm as a senior project manager. I have delivered 2 projects with them medium size not very big. Now I will come to my problem....In between I have completed my masters also....Always I got a feeling didn't worked in a middle management side as a project engineer and I lack that skill. I have jumped from site engineer profile to project manager profile. So I took a recent assignment with a very big middle Eastern firm as a project engineer. Initially for a month I really enjoyed the job but in between I got problems as lot of juniors ( as I felt it, they are up in org structure) asks me questions and giving instructions. And all people works around me 2, 3 years exp.And technical skill am lacking and suffering. What should I do. Resign and go back to project management career. Or stay and learn again. I am 35 years old Indian
  2. DON'T GIVE UP. Try to update yourself. And one thing You are not an old man.

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