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  1. Pritpal Singh

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    1. Why roads in India fail prematurely especially during monsoons? We have Potholes all around the roads during this season. What is the reason? Are we not using correct grade of Bitumen? This carelessness of the concerned Officer-in-charge results in huge loss of 'Public Funds'.
  2. Corruption is the root of all this disease.
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  3. kanwarjot singh

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    Exactly, corruption is the main cause...normally the roads are never built as per the standards, the contractor instead of doing proper work pays the officer in charge a bribe and just lay bitumen without even preparing the base...
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  4. Pritpal Singh

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    Thank you Mr. Ghanshyam and Mr. Kanwarjot Singh
  5. Pritpal Singh

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    If Money is the reason behind, then why they do not tell the contractors to recycle the previous bitumen while constructing 4-6 lane roads ? This would save much funds because bitumen is 100% recyclable.........................or again it is the matter of commission over a fresh deal of bitumen? This is real LOOT, just burring the 'old' and getting the 'new'.
  6. Kostas Sorras

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    Hello there, I am a new member.
    I would like to ask if would be a problem using two different Job mix design in the same time and same location mixing the materials. How much will influence taking the normal test?
  7. kanwarjot singh

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    Actually its more than just commission to the concerned person...the commissions are set right from the clerk to the top executive nd thats why this whole loot is done..
  8. amardeep

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    Roads in india fails due to water drainage problems. Actually water after monsoon collected over the surface of road. And due to reaction of water and other impurities present in it with bitumen the aggregates of road just wiped out.
    You can see water stacked over road and vehicles are moving over it.
    First of all while making road the permanent arrangements for drainage of water should done, which are missing in india.
    In civil engineering 'water ' and 'clay' are two dangerous materials. However water is required for concrete while making it and for curing,even then it is dangerous after concrete hardened.
  9. amardeep

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    And american asphalt institute's MS-2 manual for mix design of bitumenous materials, its a american hand book and in india we follow it for mix design of bitumenous mixes by Marshall method
  10. amardeep

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    And see IRC: 37 code for thickness design of road
  11. suresh

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    During the monsoon if the water gets percolates to bottom layer, will damage WBM layer which will damage Bitumen layer . proper drainage is to be made on both side of pavement by providing adequate camber.
  12. Somesh Prasad

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    Basic problem is the Drain out the rainy water. Logged water is the enemy of the existing road. Than, other factors like Design failure & Poor workmanship may come in picture. But, proper Chute drain, median cut drains, Slope protection thru Turfing, Stone Pitching / Geo-textiles, mix of GSB (Sub Base- drainage layer), Weep holes, and protection of Structure approaches may avoid damages in Rainy season. Definitely cost benefit, time constraint and improper design are the basic factors at the time of execution which leads those defects.
  13. i think consolidation and compaction of base course and wearing course is not monitored
  14. Normally the roads are never built as per the standards, the contractor instead of doing proper work pays the officer in charge a bribe.Other main factor is water logging which destroy road quickly.
  15. Jiju.T

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    yes you are correct corruption is the main cause .if contractor want to get bill timely he should give money by back side , so from contractor where he get money he will adjust the work... no proper compaction and so many adjustment in works......I think in India it is not possible you will not get good roads.

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