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  1. Pritpal Singh

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    I am a RTI activist and want check the bitumen content over a certain road under construction . I am a non-medical Graduate and want to know about the TEST to be performed to check the Bitumen quality where ever new Road is being constructed. This would be in greater public interest when a common man learns the technique and asks the officer in charge of the 'Misuse of public money'
  2. Aslam Khan

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    Dear Pritpal,

    Please find attached test method can be used to find out bitumen content from the asphalt mixure. For bitumen quality related test you have to sample bitumen in the plant.
    I hope this will help.



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  3. Pritpal Singh

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    Thank you verymuch for sending the required information
  4. Somesh Prasad

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    This is known as Extraction test of Bitumen, to find out the bitumen content in the crust.

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