B.tech V.S. B.sc

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    Hello every one.
    My name is Yoad, I live, work and study in Israel. I have a very important question so I'll be grateful for your knowledge that is relate to your years of field working after the University and as for your personal experience as an engineer who search for a job or as one that recruited engineers.

    In my institution at the end of my four years of studying I finish with a degree of "B.tech". My question is if there is a difference between a B.tech degree and a B.science degree? I mean, in Israel both can do exactly the same job so there is no difference but from what I heard is that over-seas there are some countries that it makes a difference and even heard that there are countries that this kind of degree is unrecognized. in the other hand I read in some forums that the B.tech is better.
    I´m confused and will really want to get to the bottom of the subject. as one that will like to work over-seas this question is very important to me.

    Thanks you all for your time of reading this question!
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    Talking about BTech, most of the BTech aspirants have a dream of getting admission in IITs. Yes, it is! But do you know that you can take admission in IITs after you BSc as well? Yes, Know IIT JAM Exam and you can take admission in all the IITs, NITs and other CFTIs. We will discuss this in the below section.

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