Amazingly fast (2-day) highway under-bridge construction in Holland

Discussion in 'Bridges and Highways' started by Barrie Lynch, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Barrie Lynch

    Barrie Lynch Novice

    See the movie -

    It was so fast I could hardly believe it!!

    However could someone explain what compaction testing and standard was used for the is job in Holland for the backfilled soil @ a depth of circa 6 meters around the under bridge box installation
    As far as I can see there was little or no other movement than a standard roller compactor i.e. no compaction testing - is this legal in the EU now?
    I can assume the soil went in with Moisture Content at 10% and in 30 centimeter layers

    Thanks for comments
    Good speed
  2. kanwarjot singh

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    not sure if this is legal in EU but wow what a speed...
  3. Very nice, its amazingly done!

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