Advanced Soil Stabilization Technique to Control Major Soil Problems

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    Here are some of Major Soil Problems:

    Expansive Soil

    This is one of the major problems that firms deal with when stabilizing soil for the foundations. Due to the presence of moisture in the soil particles, it tends to swell over time. This nature of the soil causes the damage in the foundation of the settlement, therefore, must be rectified during the soil stabilization stage.

    Clay Structure

    Soil particles present in different locations constitute different clay structure due to different chemical compositions; thus, form a surface of different nature. Traditional soil stabilization methods overlook this factor, which over a long period of time makes elements to dissolve, changes soil’s chemical composition; therefore, results into a less stable surface.

    Instead of using mechanical and chemical techniques of soil stabilization, using polymers is considered as the most advanced technique of soil stabilization. Envirotac is the pioneer of using polymers in soil stabilization field. Envirotac polymers interact with soil particles minimizes the soil movement, ensuring confining pressure is strongest where there is the possibility of the greatest movement in the soil particles; thus, offer a stable & long lasting soil stabilization solutions.

    Envirotac polymers offer the best longevity and increase the CBR strength in some case by 650%. The best thing about Envirotac polymers is that it is cheaper than bitumen, gravel, and the other chemical methods.

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