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Oct 10, 1960 (Age: 59)
self employed

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engr nadeem ahmed paracha

Novice, Male, 59, from rawalpindi

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    Oct 10, 1960 (Age: 59)
    self employed
    Engr. Nadeem Ahmed Paracha (civil Reg #13430)

    B.E. (Civil), BSc. (Phy, Maths), PE. (Pak), MIE (Pak), Mksce (S.Korea), Masce (USA)


    Pakistan: - +92-51-5486368, +92-3345166949.

    engrmajor@gmail.com and engrmajor@live.com

    Career Goal
    I am seeking a challenging and rewarding career opportunity in a progressive and growth oriented firm in Australia /CA/UK/USA/GULF Countries.

    Diversified Experience(total experience is 35 years.10 years army officer post graduate in combat field engineering and 26 years as civil BSc. engineering).A well-presented and pro-active Civil Engineer having relentless drive to have a broad impact rather than just deliver results. Possessing vast experience of coordinating and managing construction project activities, providing clear guidance and leadership to the team and always wanting to be actively involved in all aspects of the project life-cycle. A confident communicator with strong interpersonal and analytical skills who thrives on social interaction and customer satisfaction.

    ExperienceExcellent construction work experience in, GCC countries, South Korea, Australia and new Zealand that include implementing strategic operation processes, preparing of projects’ initiation studies, design planning and development of mega projects, and construction management / supervision of compound villas, hi raise towers, luxurious hotels, resorts, palaces, water park & entertainment facilities, hospitals, high rise mixed use residential/offices/commercial buildings, airport, banks, hyper markets, malls, schools, water treatment and RO desalination plants, power plant 2000 MGW(PP-9 KSA) and industrial projects.

    My work experience also includes setting up business strategies, operation processes, preparing and performing of business proposals, financial cost models, cash flow diagrams, budgets & cost estimates, risk management, contracts administration, setting up team objectives & division action plans, project integration management, design management, planning & scheduling, projects phasing strategies, consultants & contractors pre-qualification, tenders analysis & award, procurement & materials delivery, communication & coordination among all stakeholders, negotiations with contractors / consultants to resolve claims, in additional to approving payment certificates & change orders.

    Proposed green architectural concepts and energy renewable engineering designs that helped save and reduce operations cost. The proposed green building concepts and eco design did enhance the performance of the electromechanical systems without increasing the initial project budget.
    My work approach clearly defined scope work statement, minimized design changes & contractors' claims.

    Rundowns of skills.

    ü University degree qualified in civil engineering field.

    ü Fifteen years of experience in a senior leadership positions.

    ü Managed establishing/maintaining effective relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders.

    ü Experience in leading and managing complex projects that are strategic in nature and national in scope.

    ü Have knowledge of labor force strategies.

    ü Excellent organizational skills with ability to execute projects on time within budget.

    ü Strong interpersonal, communication, facilitation and presentation skills.

    ü Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

    ü Can work independently and with minimal supervision.

    ü Can manage to work in a small team setting also.

    ü Good computer skills, proficient with MS office applications.

    ü Able to communicate effectively in official language.

    ü Experience with the federal government funding process.

    ü Educated and experienced in knowledge of construction, design, finance and management.

    ü Managed to apply innovative and effective management techniques to maximize employee performance.

    ü Well conversant and have thorough understanding of corporate and industry practices, processes, standards etc. As their impact on project activities is vital.

    ü Possess superior communication and interpersonal (tact, diplomacy, influence etc. in 7 languages).

    My Strong Area

    My strong area is to meet deadlines, within given budget ensuring safety and protecting environment from pollution caused by waste materials.


    2012 - 2016 DAR ENGINEERING Saudi Arab

    Project Manager (Consultant). Industrial /commercial project

    · I as representatives of a client construction estate was working with standard builders at an expert level. As a consultant I was working by making sure that everything is of their proper location and that the construction goes smoothly and I as well put forwarded my services that helped to achieve a successful project.

    · My duties were.

    1. Examine the material to ensure that it is viable for the health of the environment also.

    2. Complete the project with the finest quality.

    3. Preparing the appropriate value engineering for all the items.

    4. Maintaining record of item being utilized during construction.

    5. Drafting economy proposals for client.

    6. Approving subcontractors.

    2009 – 2012 (3 years) Bahria Town Pakistan

    General Manager Civil Works(client). Real estate development and 2000 houses construction projects

    Functional Responsibilities

    · Overall planning, implementation, execution and completion of sections of project to ensure successful completion of the project.

    · Assist in the coordination of multi-disciplinary works within a project including handling project planning, budget and cost control, safety and quality system implementation

    · To manage planning and project implementation of the project to meet management’s requirements.

    · To guide the consultant team and to ensure project objectives met.

    · To assist Managing Director on day-today operations.

    · Project feasibility studies and cash flow management.

    · Close liaison work with local authorities & government agencies.

    · Work closely with Managing Director and Divisional Managers of Group operational divisions to understand and contribute to their Business Development requirements.

    · Provide training and support for Divisional Managers to develop their business development capabilities.

    · Project manage new relationships, from initial contact, enquiries and tenders/sales, through to project delivery and ongoing follow-up

    · Represent the firm in a professional manner and present the Group’s capabilities in keeping with its business goals and its cultural values.

    · Develop business plans, annual budgets and sales/targets with the Managing Director.

    · Advise on and assist with developing business structures and personnel within the Group to maximize the results of the Business Development function.

    · Oversee the Group’s business development functions, including branding, marketing, advertising, to ensure consistent and high-profile representation of the firm in the marketplace.

    · Responsibility for other business development staff, including mentoring, training, recruiting and allocation of duties.

    Additional duties

    · As we know Construction litigation can be an area of law about legal disputes which arise out of building projects. Construction litigation connecting negligence often centers on defects discovered by homeowner’s otherwise commercial property owners during or else after the construction process. This kind of discoveries will sometimes lead to lawsuits against builders & construction companies based on claims of defective materials, improper soil analysis & negligent structural engineering. Construction litigation sometimes involve simple matters, like non-payment, work conditions or project deadlines, and often involve just two parties, the overall contractor plus a subcontractor. This concern was properly taken care of and was my additional duty to solve such like incidents. And I was successful in doing that 98%.

    · At times I was involved in, to negotiate purchase of land and I managed it. But mostly my job was to look after the work of architects, construction companies and property managers. I use to apply to localities to rezone acquired land, perform impact analyses and receive building construction permits. I also performed job to make, environmental and safety reviews time to time to protect environment from waste materials. To help and cooperate with GO GREEN concept.


    2007- 2009(3 years) El-Seif Engineering /AL-JABER GROUP Qatar

    Project Manager /Section Engineer (contractor) New Doha Int’l airport (NDIA) and high rise 74 story building. Water pipe line project 200mm diameter to 1600mm dia.

    • New Doha International Airport Project (NDIA). EL-SEIF GROUP
    • Landing Area Of Airport Which Included Components Used For Landing And Takeoff. Mainly Runways and Taxiways with All Allied Facilities. EL-SEIF GROUP
    • Terminal Areas Including Terminal Building, Apron, Automobile Parking, Areas, Hangers. EL-SEIF GROUP
    • Airport Operation Facilities. EL-SEIF GROUP
    • Employee Village for 1200 Employees. EL-SEIF GROUP
    • Mosque and medical complex. EL-SEIF GROUP
    • Infra-structure development. (Water line 100to1600mm laying 265 kilometer) AL-JABER

    2006-2007(2years) BEMCO Saudi Bin Laden Group Saudi Arab

    Construction Manager (contractor) project Riyadh Power Plant No.9 (5,980 MW)

    The combined cycle plant (PP9) has been built on a site of 3.2 million square meter about 54km east of Riyadh. This construction, together with an expansion of the existing PP9 facility, made Riyadh one of the largest crude oil-fired power plant in the world. Arabian Bemco Contracting Company was awarded the project by SEC. Works Started in 1995, and is fully online since August 2008. Arabian Bemco installed 56 GT’s and 4 STG units in blocks A, B, C, D, E & F with a total of 5,980 MW

    Over all I was involved in following stages of work on power plant 2000MGW.

    § 1. Erection Activities
    2. Pre Commissioning Activities
    3. Commissioning Activities

    Erection Activities: These activities were carried out basically to install Main equipment’s (Boiler, Turbine, Generator, and Condenser) and auxiliaries (Oil pumps, Heaters, Boiler Feed Pumps etc.) to their positions.

    Pre Commissioning Activities:These activities were carried to ensure the readiness of the different systems (Lube oil system, Condensate system, Vacuum system, Steam and Drain system etc.).

    Commissioning Activities: These activities were most crucial ones. Trial run which is also called No Load run is first was carried out with extreme precautions. Because behavior of the system can't be predicted with first run. After completion of trial run, all the safety checks (Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation) were performed.
    Then Power plant was loaded to available Power load and it was commissioned.

    As a construction manager my office duties were.

    · Overlook construction process of project from initial design and budgeting stages right through to final building construction activity.

    · Ensure project is finished on schedule, within budget.

    · Provided guidance to a range of professionals involved in my project.

    · As a Construction manager I typically work with engineers, architects to overcome any design or budgetary difficulties.

    · I also arranged most cost-effective means of acquiring building supplies and getting them on-site.

    · Typically priorities activities and devise steps to ensure each phase is completed on time.

    · Cost-estimation software was used to calculate these costs and devise timelines for completion.

    · Value engineering was an added duty performed by me.

    Site duties involved mixed activities

    • Power Plant Project PP-9 Riyadh 2000 MW.
    • Addition of 32 new gas turbines to existing set up of 700 MW.
    • Details of work involved was,
    v Gas Turbine Foundations,

    v Exhaust Stack,

    v Bus duct foundation,

    v GIB foundation,

    v Gas pipe sleepers,

    v Duct banks,

    v Fuel Darin tanks,

    v Generator Transformer Foundations,

    v Electrical Cable tunnel,

    v Pipe trenches,

    v Cross over bridges,

    v Local control rooms,

    v 132KV GIS substation building,

    v Annex buildings,

    v Main control buildings,

    v Fuel treatment,

    v Mechanical pipe trench,

    v Local Electrical Buildings,

    v Main fuel tanks.

    v Cooling pads foundations and installations.

    1997-2006(8years) MNNZKH INT’L /DOOSAN/e.b.c Australia, N.Zealand / S.Korea

    Construction Manager/Project Manager(self-employed consultant) Compound Villas Construction Project, road and highways

    Responsibilities were as following.

    Construction consultants design construction strategies to support successful construction planning, while providing consultation and overseeing construction project teams. They also oversee and assist with construction budget planning.

    1980-1997(17years) Pakistan Defense Housing Directorate / FWO Pakistan

    Deputy Assistant Director Technical Pakistan Army (client) All Askari Colonies of Pakistan, road and highways

    · Optimize planning layouts prior to production of working drawings.

    · Appoint, brief, manage and drive the external consultants in the preparation and issue of production information to an agreed program.

    · Prepare briefing specifications in line with the requirements determined by the land acquisition budget and in liaison with the Sales team.

    · Prepare pre-contract and design program.

    · Ensure all statutory enquiries including crossovers, sewer connections are submitted and pursued for their timely return.

    · Ensure the working drawings are produced in accordance with the approved planning scheme in liaison with the Planning department.

    · Ensure all Regulations are complied with and the Health and Safety File is prepared.

    · Monitor and control production information in close liaison with the Estimators to ensure tight cost controls are kept and information produced in line with budget estimates.

    · Monitor and control professional fees budget and update fee reports on a monthly basis.

    · Preparation of Brochure and Conveyance plans and the technical accuracy of any sales related information.

    · Review contractor tenders to ensure full scope of works have been allowed for in liaison with the Surveying team.

    · Respond to site queries and resolve Technical/Construction problems.


    B.E. Civil National University of Science & Technology (1990) NUST

    B.Sc. (Physics, Math) Pakistan Military Academy (1981) PMA

    Commander MES Course Qualified MCE Risalpur (1991) NUST

    Special Trainings

    Post graduate in army combat/basic field Engineering MCE Risalpur (1980) NUST

    Work Shops Attended,

    · Lightweight concrete.

    · Dome structures.

    · Shoring/under pinning.

    · Pre-cast.

    · Wood house.

    · Rapid repair roads and airfields.

    · Fast method compound housing construction.

    · Methods of old concrete repairing technology.

    · Concrete water proofing methods.

    · Post tensioning concrete slabs.

    · Roads and Highways

    InterestsCan communicate in 7 (seven) languages of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh (useful for manpower coordination) and Arabic. I enjoy doing Projects in hilly/snow areas, desert areas, main interest is camping, hunting and computers.

    Personal Information

    53 years old (Oct 1960), Married 3 children, Pakistani National.

    Address: - # 205 lane # 8, Army Officers Colony Morgah Rawalpindi 46000.

    Professional Memberships

    • Professional Engineer#13430 (Pakistan Engineering Council)
    • Member Institute of Engineer MIE (Pakistan).
    • MASCE (USA)
    • MKSCE (S. Korea)

    Countries Visited & Multinational Experience Handling Different Nationalities Manpower.

    Saudi Arab, Qatar, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Bangladesh and Fiji Islands.